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  • Door Entry

  • ATM has been installing, maintaining and repairing quality door entry systems for 10 years, in all kinds of premises and in every type of configuration. We are long established approved installers of Comelit intercoms and BPT intercoms, leading manufacturers of security door entry systems.

    We’ll work with you to fully understand your needs and design, install and maintain the ideal door entry system for your premises. We take access for all seriously, and our entrance panels are fully DDA (Disibility Discrimination Act) compliant. As with all our security options, we offer attractive leasing finance facilities.

    Door Entry Systems Technologies


    The most basic door entry systems simply allow speech between someone wanting to gain access through a controlled door and a person inside the building, who can then admit the caller by pressing a button. These entry phone systems are commonplace but there are many other technologies available depending on your exact requirements.

    These include concierge intercom systems, handset to handset phone intercoms, audio video entry systems, telephone based door entry, wireless door entry systems, and networked door entry systems. Our manufactures design a range of door entry systems including intercom handset systems and audio video phone security systems to meet every need.

    Whatever the technology, ATM installs all entrance panels, door entry units, cabling and connectors, leaving you with a quality door entry system that meets your specific security requirements. The following sections describe some of the broad technologies available.

    Audio Video Door Entry Systems


    Video entry systems include the same audio link as normal door entry systems while also establishing a visual link so the occupant can both talk to and see the caller. High definition video and high quality audio makes easy the identification of visitors by both day and night.  

    Concierge Door Entry Intercom Systems


    Large blocks of flats and high-end residences may also include a porters’ audio or video intercom. This provides an intercom link between a porter or concierge and the individual flats as well as to the main entrance.

    PSTN & Wireless Door Entry Systems


    Where cabling is difficult or impossible to fit, PSTN (public switched telephone network) or wireless based door entry systems can be installed. These are popular options in historic and listed buildings where there may be space, planning or conservation constraints to consider.

    PSTN systems are simple to install, using little more than a telephone line connection to the front door entrance panel. Wireless systems can use an existing wireless network or a dedicated one can be installed.

    Access Control and IP Integration


    We can also install fully programmable IP systems using Cat 5 cabling, letting you link your door entry system to your wider computer network.

    Our door entry units can be integrated with access control systems so that tenants or building users admit themselves using either a fob or access card or advanced fingerprint recognition reader. It’s an added level of security and more secure than issuing keys, as fobs or cards can be deactivated when a tenant or other building user moves on.

    Further Door Entry Options


    In addition, we can install easy-to-use touch screen door entry monitors. Our entry panels are also available in a variety of finishes, including polished stainless steel, to fit in with the design and style of your premises.